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Search engine marketing, also referred as paid search, is the use of paid advertising for the search engine results page to increase exposure and encourage website traffic. Mostly using Google Ads, search engine ads is applicable to most businesses to support acquisition and sustainability. Our team has deep and holistic expertise to realise the potential of search engine marketing for our customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads Services

Our team helps our clients to achieve their target return of investment with the full range of Google Ads campaigns.

Search Ads

Triggered by keywords, search ads are displayed to users interested in relevant products or services to invoke customer interest and encourage discovery.

Shopping Ads

Ads with products’ name, image and price can directly showcase products among search engine results and Google’s partner websites to encourage conversion.

Display Ads

Display visual ads on Google’s partner websites to encourage customer returning to the website and complete their purchases, or just improve brand recall.


Through precision targeting, Google Ads can be delivered to users who have interacted with your business previously and re-engage with the business.

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